A Course In Freedom; The Drunken Monkey Speaks (Paperback)

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This is Lawrence Lanoff’s best selling book that started it all.

Everything that Man has ever built has been un-built within these pages! –KC – Phoenix, AZ

Lost count of days of bliss. I can’t put your book down. –SB – Santa Barbara, CA

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Everything that you think may be wrong. Yet, the ego desperately seeks security. It wants to be at the center of the world, to be right, and in control of everything. It demands to know all the answers. It s as if the drunken monkey points a banana at you, screaming in paranoia, I m armed. Do whatever I say. When you are dominated by this noisy false self your life is miserable. You become a slave to an illusion that something out there is always threatening you, and that something else out there can actually save you. Are you taming your monkey, or are you being smacked around? That is the question. A Course In Freedom helps you to observe the drunken monkey in your head in order to liberate yourself from the controls of the ego, DNA, mythology, society, media, culture, family, and religion.