Sedona AZ July 22-24th 2011 – Flexibility and Letting Go – A Weekend Intensive

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Have you ever wanted something different for your life? Have you ever wondered if there were an easier way to have the wonderful things you really want?  Is it possible to sign up for this workshop now and really make the inner changes and shifts that will make your life better from here on out?

In today’s chaotic world these questions are more important than ever.

Come along with me as we explore
the amazing world of consciousness. 







Now I just want to let you know
that it really excites me to be sharing
the secret knowledge I have discovered
over many years that will powerfully
and absolutely transform your life
in the most deep and profound ways.

This July 22-24th,I’m inviting a select group of people to discover the deeper truths about themselves – by discovering The Transformational Power of Letting Go with me.

I personally want to teach you how to take back control of your mind, your body and your life. Your transformation begins here with the mind, because especially under stress, the mind can be a very, very difficult thing to manage.

It’s like this: if your mind runs rampant, then you are likely to be experiencing all kinds of never ending difficulty, pain and uncertainty. These feelings can be really awful.

In a recent article in Scientific American, a study showed that feeling out of control is bad for us on many levels.  Most people aren’t even aware of the damage that is taking place.

What most people don’t realize is that a chaotic mind creates constant stress. Certain kinds of stress are actually good for us, but other kinds of stress can be worse, even deadly.

It’s time to stop the damage being done.  In fact, I will personally teach you how to create the kinds of inner feelings that make you feel completely empowered and alive.

Here’s the number one  BIG problem with what almost everyone else out there is teaching. Most systems of spirituality tell you the EXACT WRONG things to do to cultivate happiness and thus leave you more trapped than before.

Our myths and stories are preventing us from leading relaxed, happy, healthful lives.

For those of you that are like me, you know that talking about myths can be tricky business. Many of you were with me when I began teaching hundreds of people how to break free from  there myths.

It’s true. These principals are so powerful that I lost 90% of my business between 2004 and 2008.


Because sharing with you what I uncovered over many years creates truly empowered people, and most people are scared of their own personal power and would rather live the same small secret miserable existence that they see there friends and neighbors living. But why?

Don’t we all want to be happy Lawrence? I can hear you saying it. The answer is yes, no, and maybe. Here’s what I mean. People often claim they want to be free, however they invest so much time, energy and money in learning a system that often makes things worse, that no matter how bad it has been, it  seems  difficult to just let it go and move on to what actually works – that is up till now.

But here’s the key: letting go is essential to happiness and freedom.

I’m going to share the secret of life with you right now. We could say that the secret of life is developing the skill to let go.  That’s right. Letting go is a skill set. A very powerful skill set that I have mastered teaching over the years.

Here’s the formula I perfected, and it’s where so many others fail. You can’t let go through suppression. You can’t let go through denial. You can’t let go through force or trying. The only way to let go is to define and clarify the feeling of letting go, and then cultivate that feeling into something that is actually empowering to you.

That is the transformational process I’m teaching you. It’s the process of turning any feeling, no matter how bad in your consciousness or body, into the fuel for building the happiness you desire.

Now, another secret to the process is letting go in happiness and freedom. Being willing today to completely transform your reality – to let go – to flow, to change at any given moment for the better and have what you want.

Change is the key to everything – especially happiness.

But I am not speaking of change from a Buddhist perspective, nor a spiritual system of any kind.

I’m speaking from seeing 3D reality clearly, not from some lofty ideal of life, but of dealing with the problems and real issues that come up in our day to day lives.

The ability to see life clearly, to stare life and death straight in the eyes and feel completely relaxed is one of the most amazing gifts you can ever receive from me.

All of the things that people often struggle with come from the inability to let go.

Letting go is like turning a bright light on in a dark room. The change is instantaneous. 

The reality is that most of your pain comes from bad systems instilled in you from people who had no idea what they were doing or how terribly they were harming you, and from bad habits that you have inherited from people who have lived and died long before you.

In this sense, we are limited by the thinking of those who have paved the ground before us. We have all been limited by the thinking of our ancestors. This is exactly why change can be so difficult. The thinking that currently keeps the world trapped in a psychological nightmare is the same thinking that was developed several thousand years ago as a survival mechanism for those times. Not for the high tech fast paced 21 century world we live in today.

Our brains are lazy – or more accurately speaking – efficient. We don’t want to think. Instead we want our unconscious brain systems to do the thinking for us. The problem is that we are relying on brain structures that were cultivated millions of years ago – with a completely different purpose.

Take my cat for example. Every time there is a strange sound, or a unexpected bump – she’s up – eyes wide open. She’s on high alert.

That’s the emotionally based limbic system in our brain. It’s on alert all the time – and it is constantly producing unwanted thoughts and feelings that get shoved upon the conscious rational brain – and our “feelings” and our “experiences”.

Without the skill of letting go, we often take those unconscious thoughts and feelings as having some inherent meaning, where really, there is none. The limbic system is a million year old, out of date, fire alarm bell, that’s continually triggering and the joke is… there.s not even a fire….. but just like we were taught in school, we jump up and react on command as if the building were burning down.

That’s why, this summer, I will spend two and a half days teaching you how to be more and more flexible in your mind, your body, your ideals, and your beliefs, and recognize that the seemingly real alarm bell from the hundreds, if not thousands of false alarms, is killing our bodies and minds with stress, confusion and tension.

Look, I wish change and transformation would just fall off the truck, and magically make everything better, I wish we could just physical go in and rewire that stupid alarm bell so it could function for today’s world but that’s just not how it works. Transformation is a skill. Change is a skill. Letting go is a skill. Once you develop these skills with me, nearly anything is possible in your mind and in your life.

So make the choice to sign up today and find out for yourself how easy it can be, and as you look back on all those false alarms and all that pain, with the new profound training you’ve learned from me, you’ll realize how easy it is to make the permanent changes you want today and everyday.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Space is limited and my events always fill up fast.

See you soon,