Why The World Won’t End In Your Lifetime – 100% Certainty



It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’m balls deep in the cave writing my latest book. But I had to come out of the cave to make the most public statement I can make here on lawrencelanoff.com

Are you ready?  The world will still be here on the 22nd of December 2012. It will also be here on the 1st of January 2013. And it will also be here a long after the people who make these empty predictions come and go.

It’s not that you won’t die. You will. So will I. The mistake we make is in thinking that the universe gives a shit about you and me. It doesn’t. We are not that important from a universal perspective. In fact, regardless of the lies we tell ourselves, we are not important at all – and I’m perfectly OK with that.

Which leads me back to the supposed end of the world. In order to understand why I can say with 100% certainty you and I will still be paying taxes April 15th, you have to understand this: calendars are human inventions. The universe doesn’t give a rats ass about our precious calendar. Or the Mayan’s calendar. Or anybody elses calendar, because calendars are lies. They are arbitrarily made up demarcations of time. And time is a completely human invention. Time, from a universal perspective, doesn’t really exist. It’s a lie. It’s an invention.

Time is only relevant for us humans, trying to find ways to extend our short lives into some kind of immortality status – and there is no such thing. All things will come to an end eventually. But not because of an arbitrary date on a made up calendar.

Sure there are lots of people who believe they have “the truth” and that the world will end – and they can celebrate in their version of heaven, high fiving the party members and saying, “see, I told ya so.” But lots of people believe in Santa Claus too. That doesn’t make him real.

But here’s something that is real. Research shows that “true believers” in religious Armageddon and the end of the world theories will believe even more strongly in their end of the world stories when they find out that the world didn’t end. They become even more firmly entrenched in their empty beliefs.

And the schitzotypal personality disorder religious leaders who got it wrong, will then come up with their revised end of the world calculations and dates. And when those don’t happen, they will say that the purity of their follower’s hearts lifted the frequencies of the earth in such a way so as to avert disaster. Or they will say they interpreted the text wrong, and the new date for the end of the world is some time in the distant future – 10 or 12 years – or more.

I’m a believer in seeing clearly and in calling out the lies. It’s a lie that the world will end. That’s meant to scare you. To trick you into being a “good” person – meaning a non-sexual person – which is as silly as the empty predictions.

But now that we know the truth, and that we will be paying our taxes, I suggest that we use 12-21-2012 as reminder to have more pleasure and more sex in our lives from that moment forward. Because we will die at some point, in a moment just like this one, so we may as well take the time we do have to experience more pleasure in life. To enjoy, to live, to share, to love, and have delicious, yummy, restorative sex with the people we love and the people we want to love.

This is your life. Right here, right now, reading this blog. I suggest you use the myth of the end of the world to stop living life from empty lies and myths, and begin living life from reality. Instead of fearing death, which will come eventually, let’s celebrate life, pleasure and sexual bliss now, today because this is your life, so you may as well choose how you live it – on your own terms.

And if you are like me, then those terms probably include: sex, pleasure, and a whole lot of fun! So let’s tip a glass to 12-21-2012, or 12-31-2012 and live like we won’t live forever, cause we won’t.