My Mission


My name is Lawrence Lanoff.  I’m on a mission to destroy your old thinking patterns that no longer serve you. I’m taking spirituality and enlightenment out of the caves and into REALITY. I want to help you to reshape your perspectives of the world and realize that it is your birthright to feel good in your body, mind and life. Enlightenment, en-lightening up, can be a way of life!

Through the modalities of Non-Violent-Thinking (NVT), Symbolic Healing Method (SHM),  Sexual Energy Mastery Program (SEMP), and Tantra-X Training (T-XT) as well as advance techniques for developing true  states of extended enlightenment. Working together we will bring forth the true expression of your Authentic Expressing Self in all areas of your life.

I am a practical man. I grew up on the very mean streets of New York City–back in the day. I began meditating at 10, and studied with a tantric master at age 11, and was personally blessed by the Giawala Karmapa at age 12.  I have lived through a lot, and extensively studied most major spiritual systems and religions. Through meditation and mindfulness, I have gained insights that cut through the thousands of years of BS (belief systems) and BS (bull shit) that have imprisoned us in body, life, and spirit.

My mission is to take spiritual awakening, adult relational communication strategies and sexual energy mastery out of the caves and into evolutionary-enlightenment!

Just one degree of change can be the difference that is the difference in every area of your life – from this moment forward.