My Services


Non-Violent-Thinking sessions are available by phone on a limited basis.  These individual sessions are powerful ways to liberate your consciousness and help you free yourself from the clutches of our ego by teaching us the tools we need to take control of our mind. These are excellent sessions for focusing on specific issues, including specific pattern releases.

Cost 498.00 USD per one hour session.



Authentic Life Guidance System (ALGS)-  Are you living a life that is in tune with your Authentic Self (maximizing who you can be) or your fictional, limited self, violent thinking self (who your parents want you to be)?  ALGS (Authentic Life Guidance System) is an exclusive, ongoing membership that includes 4 private phone sessions a month intended to help you completely transform. This is my favorite way to work, since it allows us both to go deep and explore and transform every area of your life over time. The expression of your Authentic Self is the only thing that brings true peace to your life.

Cost: 2500.00 USD per month.


Sexual Energy Mastery Protocol (SEMP) –  This is a group of 8 sessions designed  for individuals and couples. Sessions focus on MASTERING EEIEnergetic Erotic Intelligence. These sessions are critical in taking your sexual understanding to a completely new level. Sessions can range from beginning to the most advanced.

  • understanding the true essence of our sexual energy
  • learning to stop judging ourselves and our partners
  • understanding how to expand and contract our own sexual energy
  • practicing the micro-cosmic loop flow
  • practicing full-body-and chakra-flow
  • developing the sensitivity of tapping into another person’s flow
  • learning how to clear the central meridians
  • learning how to clear the outer meridians
  • learning how to expand and contract another person’s sexual energy
  • learning how to use sexual energy to create unlimited possibilities
Daka and Dakin support is available through this track.

Cost: 5000.00 USD for 8 sessions.


Intensive – Meeting And Attracting Protocol System- for Men and Women (iMAAPS) – Intensive Weekend Practical Training Program

iMAAPS is about learning to be your complete self with respect to meeting, attracting, and ultimately sexually and intimately connecting with a prospective partner. So often, we completely sell ourselves short when it comes to attracting a partner into our life, simply because we have no idea how to destroy the patterns that keep us small, finite in our thinking, and limited in the possibility of pleasure, connection, and full expression of our communication body.

The iMAAPS is about re-training and transforming ourselves completely in the ways that we engage, interact, communicate, self talk, and cope with unmanageable sensations and feelings in our bodies as we seek our most intimate relationships. This revolutionary system begins within the body, then moves into other areas of life – including practical, in field training on symbolic-presentation, authentic connection, inner listening, non-volent communication, and energetic management of the emotional brain, and perfect-touch skills.

iMAAP will teach some skills related to SEMP

These trainings are lead in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Arizona

Cost: 2500 USD for the weekend – trainings are intensive and limited to 6 people 



Private Cave Days with Lawrence: Some of the deepest, most advanced teaching in life is transmitted in person, in “the cave”. If you are truly interested in enlightenment and want to explore your consciousness at the deepest levels of your being, and if you want to completely break free of the limitations of your mind and beliefs–then a cave day may be the exact thing you are looking for.  There is no topic that can’t be explored, uncovered, integrated.  Please contact Lawrence  directly:

Cost: 10000.00 USD per day. 2 day discounts are available. 



Enlightened Life-Guidance – Complete Overhaul Training – (EL–COT) The ultimate training in feeling good in your body, mind, life and spirit. 

This offering is only for the most select individuals who are willing to do whatever it takes to completely transform their entire life and being from the inside out. This training is about attaining true enlightenment. EL-COT represents a complete overhaul in thinking, beliefs, and life ideals. It includes a full de-programming of religious, moral, sexual, financial and pleasure-experience restrictions. It will explore complete vulnerability.

EL-COT is about completely stepping out of the matrix, and operating in daily life at the level of enlightenment. 

I will warn you ahead of time, this is only for people who are willing to strip themselves of all beliefs, myths and stories that get in the way of enlightenment – which is basically a complete dissolution of the way our ego is currently structured.

  • This training will challenge everything you think you know about everything.
  • This training will develop true power, deep durable life-resiliency, and a sense of oneness with the flow of the entire universe.
  • EL–COT includes two cave-weekends per year of intensive, one on one, restructuring and deprogramming of the body and mind.
I will occasionally bring in specialists to work on specific areas of life – including a full week of body de-armoring.

Cost  12000.00 USD per month – with a one year commitment for both of us.  Because of the intense commitment on my part, I only accept 2 people a year for this type of training.

Please contact me directly – – Please put in the header EL-COT REQUEST










Tantra-X Training 

This is my innovative system to completely transform your sex life. It’s for men and women. Please contact me directly for information – as this could be highly offensive, and sometimes disturbing. This material that  and has been vigilantly guarded from the public for centuries. It’s taught only to the chosen few.

I pre-screen heavily for this training. If you are interested, please put TANTRA-X in the header of your email, along with a frank description of what you are looking for…