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- Your work helped me to gain a deeper understanding of human nature which has allowed me to become much more comfortable in my own skin. I walk this earth a man that owns the space I occupy.


“Lawrence, I want to tell you that since last weeks meditation, within a day, I have received many offers for assignments locally, the week previous was really slow at 10 hours and I was getting stressed out. A woman who had owed me money called me yesterday to offer to repay me and I think I have a 4 week assignment lined up in** after the first of the year. I’ve been taking care of my Dad, and had to put some of my goals on hold to help him. I fell asleep within a short while as  you were describing the light body but awakened to plant the seed of the need and connect to the Lotus flower and root group energy,  at least that’s what I remember hearing. It was a really beautiful, deep and power filled  experience and I so appreciate your generosity and loving. I so look forward to more and more stability and joy.” NK

“Lawrence, I haven’t had a chance to email as soon as I would have liked, but I wanted to tell you that the most recent hot lava meditation was very interesting and even entertaining! It was just as you described: very intense. It was unique to me because it started somewhat calmly and yet became very strong and intense. I enjoyed that and found it fascinating. Thanks for a great experience!” S.T.

“Everything man has ever built has just been un-built within Lawrence’s workshops and sessions.” Kelso Coleman

“Lawrence is red-hot, and so are his radical ideas. His teachings have literally changed my life.” K. R. – Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor

“I read a few pages of Lawrence’s book every night before I go to sleep. I pick at random and sometimes end up reading the same page over and over. Make this book yours. It’s all you need!! As the words sink in and resonate, you will be led to freedom. This is Lawrence at his best.” M.S.

“You know I am going to thank you like a thousand times and this is mmmm number three. Let me first say that your workshop was the most amazing five days of my life. Probably many lives! I’ve been playing with the energy of the world, and because I live in it, I figure I might as well put it to good use. I have been on such a power trip, it’s great, taking energy here and there that people are throwing away and creating with it…creating and creating. Thank you! Love the book by the way. Peace, and keep doing whatever crazy thing you’re doing. Cause it’s working!” J. L. “Working with Lawrence is like being led through the labyrinth of self-discovery. Along the way, I was kick started to release personal biases and points of view. Then I learned the art of deconstructing my own myths and stories. Now I travel the path of no path. K.B.

“I don’t exactly understand what you do, and frankly, I don’t care. It makes me feel awesome, and that’s all that matters to me!” C.J.

I don’t have words to describe what Lawrence’s workshop did for me on a personal, spiritual, and even professional level. I went to his workshop a 22 year old, wide eyed, abstinent young catholic, in love with the idea of God, intent on the priesthood, and yet seething with frustration at how distant the reality of my life was from the dazzlingly well packaged ideal handed to me by the Church. This is the way many of us live our lives, whether catholic, new age, or otherwise: weighed down by a bewildering procession of myths and ideas that we’ve picked up from others along the road of life. Lawrence’s work is the closest thing I’ve found to true salvation; not in the traditional sense of replacing an old set of ideals and mythical divinities with new ones, but rather in a complete and joyous rupture with the obsessive need for an overarching and omnipotent cosmology all together. Lawrence’s work is especially useful for anyone feeling vaguely (or not so vaguely!) burdened by their existing belief systems. A truly life transforming body of work from a refreshingly down to earth guy, Lawrence’s is the best work I know of for breaking free from those limits to which we’ve become so accustomed that we’re no longer capable of seeing them right in front of our nose. It is directly because of Lawrence Lanoff’s workshop that I have made peace with Catholicism (among other things) and decided to move on with living my life on my terms. Hallelujah!

Per our conversation a few weeks ago, here are a few of my insights to this journey we have been on together.

I never realized I was like the walking dead.  In comparison to now, I had no life in my body.  I picture myself as sort of grey. There was the rest of the world and then there was me. I even felt like an outsider to my own life. I wasn’t really living; I was existing.  As I was getting older this was magnifying.  I was great at not feeling…shutting everything down and compartmentalizing. The only man in my life that I trusted was my brother and the rest I had this sour and distrustful view of.  It was hard to connect to people.  I found I spent a large portion of my life trying to gain my father’s acceptance; never understanding why no matter how much I accomplished or suffered in the process that I was never going to be accepted.  Sex wasn’t really about pleasure for me; it was about power and a way to gain acceptance and love.

I feel colorful and alive like I never have before.  I have this image that I am radiating.  I am in my body for the first time and I feel beautiful and powerful.  People are drawn to me.  I am happy about everything.  Nothing shakes me.  I feel loved.

There is a new innocence that I never experienced before, even as a child.  In some ways it is almost like I am a child a again. A whole new idea of men opened up for me.  I am able to trust them, believe them and feel safe in their presence.  I no longer feel like I have to overpower/out maneuver them.  There is so much more energy and a sense of relaxation versus the fight or flight mode I have been in since I was 3.

What worked for me:
Working with XXXX helped me identify the problem but I still felt like there was a huge hole.  It was sort of like…ok I know what the problem is, now what the fuck do I do about it.

Your meditation in Sedona that pulled the root system of our blockage out, was very powerful for me.  I could see how this had taken over my entire being as the roots started to get pulled.

When you helped me recognize that I was in freeze mode when we spoke on the phone about it for the very first time and I made the decision that I wasn’t going to give him anymore power over my life because so much had been taken already.  As images and sensations came back, they couldn’t leave me paralyzed because I knew I was in charge now and my little girl was safe.

Lastly, the most important tool that you gave me that shifted everything and brought me back to life, was when you suggested to me to change the paradigm and imagine that I wanted this instead of being in the role of the victim.  That was so powerful.  Remaining the victim was leaving me powerless.  That right there changed my life in 15 minutes and a few batteries.

I really can never thank you enough for helping me get my life back.  The difference I see and more importantly feel in myself is amazing and 2 years ago, I would have never thought it was possible. Thank you!!!!!

Big hug!!!

Hi Lawrence,
I have been meaning to get in touch with you since the workshop. Which by the way was phenomenal. A new chapter in my life has opened. I have been processing the loosing of Identity. It is strange… not what I would have expected …not a fiery explosion of inner world imagery and bliss. It is a growing expansion and real world insight. People are just clearer, the subtext behind their actions just seems obvious and the times I find myself shifted into a frame of anxiety, fear or anger I see myself. I am aware that “I” am acting from an uncomfortable space. Yet it is not really uncomfortable, I just don’t stay there long. I can be with almost anything even my mother who is a living bag of triggers.

I never realized that my life was so cluttered. These pass few weeks I have been looking for empty time for myself. I don’t know where things are going, but it doesn’t matter my reality is liquid becoming more and more fluid in my freedom. Thank you. I cannot thank you enough.


Dear Lawrence, thank-you from the upper limits of my joy tonight, I worked diligently, followed closely,  gave it my all and always so appreciate your giving presence. At one point possibly before the second activation I experienced the sensation of my forehead lifting up with a lot of “weightiness being moved up and out”. As if my forehead was being stretched and ironed. I felt as if my skullcap was lifting open and I could see the celestial bodies, stars, constellations in deep blue space from inside my head and in front of my head. Focused intently about letting go and maintaining plasticity, re-created many “past experiences” keeping in mind that they are but a blip in time. So much of tonight was an answer to my prayer and New Year’s hope. Just got the MSN office trial and am just discovering how much fun this can be, wanted to include a nature photo but don’t know how to do it yet,… in my heart with thankfulness and a refreshed sense of hope and certainty,


“Lawrence brought me back to life when I didn’t even know I was dead.  He helped me find a rich and colorful life.  I can never thank him enough.” B.Y.

“After listening to Lawrence’s second teleworkshop ON LINE last Tuesday, I planted my seeds of wishes for my life… and within an hour my life
changed. Dang!  Your workshops should come with a warning label:
Caution, your life may change!” Jenni Willow Cleary
Vocalist, Teacher, Healer
ExploreVoice Studios

“There are defining moments in life that call us to deeper levels of understanding and bring us into alignment with our very essence. Lawrence Lanoff’s new work isn’t a book, it is a defining moment; a journey home to our completeness.”

John Alexandrov, CEO – Legacy Capitol Solutions, LLC